EPay2Gov provides multiple types of Gateways each designed to accommodate a particular purpose. Which one you use is based on the application. Below are brief descriptions of each. For further information or consultation contact your EPay2Gov representative.

Non Interfaced Gateway

The non-interfaced gateway is one where you provide the credit card collection interface capturing the credit card information from your customer. You then make a call to the EPay2Gov non interfaced gateway instructing the gateway to process the credit card information provided. Your results are immediate and part of the response packet. You are strongly cautioned that when your web site is collecting the credit card information a higher level of PCI compliance is required.

Interfaced Gateway

The Interfaced Gateway is the most popular interface primarily because it greatly reduces the amount of PCI Compliance your organization would be responsible for. With this model, your application is responsible for building and maintaining the shopping cart. When the customer is ready to pay, your application makes a form post to the EPay2gov Interfaced Gateway. At this point your application has passed off the customer to us for now. The customer is now presented a payment collection screen which is co-branded with your name, logo's etc. The customer enters the credit card or ACH information and the payment is processed. Upon completion of the process, the gateway will do a "postback" to the URL that was passed in by your application. All the data that was provided to the gateway is returned plus all the information related to the transaction including authorization codes, transaction reference, etc. The uniqueID that was provided in the initial call is used by your application to connect the authorization data with the original transaction. Typically we are doing a postback to a web service / application like asp, dll, etc.

Shopping Cart Gateway

The Shopping Cart Gateway provides a mechanism for creating a shopping cart experience for your customers without the hassle of programming and maintenance. Using the EPay2Gov "Link Generator", code will be generated that you will paste directly into your web-site. When the user clicks on this link, the associated item will be placed into our shopping cart. At any time your customer can check out and complete the transaction. The complete contents of the shopping cart are posted back to your site as is all the necessary authorization information.

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